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What Happens To My Car After I Sell It To A Wreckers - Brisbane

What Happens To My Car After I Sell It To A Wreckers

Once you sell your car to an auto wreckers, a number of things can happen to it from that point, depending on the car and its condition.

It Could Be Sold As Is

If you sell a working car to a wreckers, there is the possibility the auto wrecking yard will simply on sell it to a customer looking to buy an old car. Someone might be looking for an old model car that still runs for a restoration project. Or they might want to purchase it – even if it’s unregistered – as spare parts for their own car of the same make and model. Some people are seeking something really cheap just to get them on the road, even if it requires some initial work and extra expense.

Advertise A car to Be Wrecked

As it can be time consuming and costly to just strip a car back and store all the spare parts, when a car arrives at the wreckers it is often advertised that a car of a certain make and model is going to be wrecked. This way the auto wreckers can be more assured of luring customers who are actually looking for those particular car parts. This process makes more sense for the wreckers and proves to be far more cost-effective.

Sent for Metal recycling

If it seems unlikely that a car can be sold for spare parts, or it is a car that most people are not looking to extract parts from, then the car will be sent for metal recycling. While not lucrative, this route does allow the wreckers to generate a small amount of cash flow for cars that have no real commercial value.

The Car Will Sit On the Lot

Depending on their condition, popular cars – such as Holdens and Fords – may be kept on the lot and have parts stripped from them on an as-needed basis. Wreckers will retain popular models, knowing that there is regular resale value in the spare parts these cars provide.

The Overseas Market

Depending on the model, certain car parts are very sought after overseas, in locations such as UAE and developing countries. Many of these countries don’t have a thriving spare parts market, nor can the residents afford new cars or new parts. In this situation cars that are in demand overseas have their main parts stripped from them – engines, transmissions, suspension, electrical systems – to be put into shipping containers and sent abroad to a hungry market.

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